SX Live Events
Husam Najib & Vineet Puri & Dave Yusuf 60 min

Tackling the Challenges of Supporting Modern SaaS Applications

Husam Najib, Vice President, Support, Rippling / Vineet Puri, SVP & Co-Head Global Client Services, Cvent / Dave Yusuf, SVP, Customer Support, Q2 Software / Ryan Radcliff, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, SupportLogic - Discover strategies to effectively support modern SaaS applications and ensure a positive customer experience. Explore how to stay ahead of the curve and adapt your support processes to handle the unique demands of SaaS. We also explore how support experience (SX) plays a crucial role in supporting and integrating SaaS products. Gain insights into best practices for seamless onboarding, troubleshooting, and ongoing support of innovative products and services.


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