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Tricia Wang 38 min

The Human Side of Data: Leveraging Thick Data to Understand Customer Experiences

Tricia Wang, Co-Founder + Executive Director at CRADL (Crypto Research & Design Lab) - In the age of big data, we often find ourselves drowning in a sea of numbers and metrics when trying to understand the needs and desires of our customers. However, buried within this vast ocean of quantitative data lies a powerful and often overlooked resource: thick data. Tricia Wang, a renowned data ethnographer and tech anthropologist, discusses the critical role of thick data in uncovering the authentic voice of the customer. Thick data offers qualitative insights derived from deep engagement with individuals and communities, focusing on nuances, emotions, and cultural context that shape customer experiences. By combining ethnographic methods, human-centered approaches, and data analytics, organizations can gain a holistic understanding of customer needs.


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