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Bina Hallman & Chris Fender 39 min

Winning the Availability Battle: IBM Proactive Support Explained

Bina Hallman, VP, Worldwide Systems Support, IBM / Chris Fender, Offering Leader, IBM Support Insights, IBM - According to the IDC, enterprises should prioritize support services based on workload criticality, considering them as an investment in preserving business value. By relying on vendors for optimized performance, organizations can save significant downtime hours and prevent unplanned outages through predictive and proactive support tools. IBM believes in achieving these outcomes through a comprehensive support and services strategy. Predictive support analytics provide ongoing insights for preventive maintenance, including security and maintenance coverage alerts to identify potential vulnerabilities and prevent disruptions. Proactive support allows IT staff to focus less on day-to-day maintenance tasks and prioritize problem resolution for mission-critical systems. Join Bina as she examines the two sides of support and how support services can strengthen customer support.


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